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Our driver left his clipboard on top of the van!!!! Ok there...

A little cafe we stopped at along the way......oh yes you are...

The ringmobil

Me being a twat in the back






























Oooooooooh arty!!!! (ish!!)











Gandalf popped in for a glass. Looks like he had more than...

Dad, you'll be pleased to know I got a hair and beard...

There were a few grey hairs in there!!!




Yesterday we booked up a trip up for today which took you to a couple of the Lord of the Rings locations - Edoras - The place where the Riders of Rohan come from in the second film, and Helms Deep - the place at the end of the second film.

Even if you didn't know anything about the films (Em's seen them but can't remember anything about them!) the scenery was still meant to be amazing so everyone should enjoy it.

There are lots of locations all over NZ but the one place I have wanted to see since the films is where Helms Deep was located as it just looked so amazing and completely alien to any kind of landscape I've ever seen before.

Annnnnnyyyywaaaaayyyy, we got picked up at about 9am to return at about 6pm so it was an all day-er!

We drove for about 2 hours to get to the place, all the while our slightly nutty old driver talked continually. So much so Em couldn't breath properly!!!!! Riiiiiiiiiiigggghhhhhhttttt.

He also had a really unhealthy obsession with the actress that played the king of Rohans daughter. Seriously after about half an hour of banging on about her we were ready to report him, just in case!!

When we got there it was the most rediculously amazingly beautiful and remarkable place we have both ever seen in our lives.

Not only were we at the places in the films, but the place was literally breathtaking.

We climbed up to the top of where Edoras was and the tour man tlak us through some of the scenes in the films that were made here, some of the stories surrounding the construction of the places, the actors, the crews, the extras, and the CGI effects that were used.

After we took about a million photo's and posed with some of the replica swords/axes we begrudgingly left for a bit of Champagne lunch!!!!

We got back to Christchurch at about 6pm, rather knackered (well I was after 7 glasses of bubbly!!) but everyone was still absolutely beeming from an incredible day.

Honestly it was just the most amazing place we have ever seen.

Even Em wants to see the films again!!!


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