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I loved these. Stalks nests on the top of the lamp posts

Watermelons for sale

Bargain hard

The cost of fuel

Horse and cart

I am so tired but luckily I have finally arrived at my nights stop. It was supposed to be the Danube Delta at first then Bran but I wasn't up to driving to the first and the second was a madhouse.

The weather is pretty bad so getting to the Black Sea was probably just going to end up being some very ordinary shots. So I bypassed as it would also take all day to get there. Bran is where the castle is. Dracula's castle as they like to refer to it. Complete shit of course as they can not prove Vlad ever lived there but I'm going to see it anyway.

Actually I saw it as I was driving in. Not bad and for a brief moment I was a bit excited.

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