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What the F..............!!!

Sweet Jebus.

I am actually asleep with my eyes slightly open.

Christchurch Cathedral

A street performer................

Em infront of the Millenium, erm, thing.

I can't remember the last time I was in someone's Fudge Cottage.

On the tram!

More tram!!!!

Today we were awaken at 8am to The sounds of bagpipes! we both thought we were dreaming but a quick peak out of the window confirmed it......there was a marching band literally outside our window.

I didn't mind it at all as it took me back to my Dagenham Girl Piper days! (It's me Emma by the way!) but a few other travellers were pretty angry and complained! It turned out that there was a festival/competition in the area and they were not supposed to start practicing until 10am so it was a bit cheeky of them! especially as bagpipes are not to everyone's likings!

So we were up and out pretty early today...well early-ish! We drove in to town and had a little looksie around then decided to jump on the tram to have a lazy look at the town. We jumped off at some kind of arts centre then got back on to the main square.

Christchurch is a nice doesn't feel like any other city we have been to though, it is very small and not that busy. We booked up a Lord of the rings tour for tomorrow which we are both very excited about, also we moved campsites to one right in the centre of town so we can get picked for the tour as they only do central pick ups, the place is really nice cheaper than our last place.

We had dinner and watched Billy Connelly on his NZ tour on DVD and had an early night.


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