Bob and Shirley's Great Adventure 2011-12 travel blog

Cactus everywhere

Purple cactus

Nicely landscaped

Quartermaster's office

Quartermaster's house and kitchen

Store house

Depicting wooden road used to drive through the dunes

First dually pick up truck

Colorado River


Solar garden

Morman Battalion Monument

Nice bike trails


Looks like a painting


We are in the desert as we left Yuma AZ and travelled to Ehrinberg AZ. Before we left however, we took a nice tour of historic Yuma and a great bike ride along the Colorado River. We went to the visitors center in Yuma and found it had a number of refurbished original buildings dating back to the 1800's when Arizona was a territory. The buildings were the Quartermaster Headquarters and depot for the territory. It was very nice. Then the bike trails were great. Paved and flat, temps in the low 70's and sunny of course. Stopped for diesel, $3.729 WOW. We have been over $4.00 per gallon for nearly 2 months. Then we headed north and through the desert. Guess I never thought about it much but was surprised to see so much vegetation in the desert. We made it to another Strachan residence in Ehrinberg. This is a beautiful huge home on the river owned by Jim and Jullianna and Tom and Mary Strachan. Will detail this "get away" house tomorrow. Enjoy the pics.

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