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What a change of day. I got up with a positive attitude and was ready to take on the idiots. It was my plan to head to the West then come back around North then back down South. Well it didn't go completely as planned but it was a good day.

When I pulled over for lunch, I gave Mum a call hoping to get hold of her. Success. We got to discus a couple of things and I am now set on staying home for a while. I want to be there for my Nanna's 90th birthday and that is more important than travel to me. It was also good just to chat. I feel a bit lonely especially after yesterday so I enjoyed it.

At one stage today I got closer to the border than I planned so I changed direction. On a suggestion of Mum's and my own thoughts, I took the back roads. I GOT LOST. Not good when a lot looks alike and every now and then you think you may be going in circles.

I did however get to see some great stuff. Not just the towns and scenery either. There was a lot of birds flying everywhere, geese who ruled the road and squawked at you for going past their area, a stray pig crossing the road, lots of horse and buggy's, chooks, turkeys and the older generation sitting by the road sides watching the world (and lost tourists) go by.

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