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This row of vehicles went for about 5 kilometers

Now I know where I am


Brasov...from a safe distance



A few things that took my attention today to brighten up this entry a bit...

...Horse and cart are still quite common

...They use sickles in the fields

...The petrol is about $1.50AUD a litre

...There seems to be no road laws that are taken notice of

...The towns are run down but old and picture worthy

...They look horrid with bleach blonde (yellow) hair

...The items that they sell by the roadside are blackberries in small white tubs

...The appreciate colour in their homes

...Unless you butt in first, you miss out

...The supermarket is insanely busy on a Sunday

...A lot of the roads are cobblestone that have had a layer of bitumen put over them

...They like American 'pop' music

...Trucks are seen as a nuisance on the road and not to be given way to

...There are lots of hitch hikers who hold up signs of where they want to go

...Everyone seems to be on holiday. It is the holidays but no one seems to work.

...Some of the guys are really cute

...The whole country seems to be having simultaneous road works

...There are a lot of stray dogs

...Hardly anyone smiles unless they are young

...They prefer the Euro and give that price first

...A lot of people wear crosses and have them hanging in their cars

I can't seem to pull myself out of this rut I feel I am in but there is always tomorrow and the knowledge that I don't have to live here. My home is Australia and I would not live anywhere else. I know for absolute certain now that it is the best for me.

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