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Em not looking too confident about the Jetboat!!!!

Can you smell Em's fear? It's either that or the Sulphar!!!!

Ahhh that's better. Extreme Em's back on the case!!!

We were going so fast I had to remove my sunglasses so...

Our first 360 handbrake turn!!!

Huka Falls - a million gallons of water goes over it every...

It was amazing powerful and amazingly blue!

We drifted closer!!!

Aaaaand closer!!!

Then my head got in the way!

Em the onion head at Huka falls!


The jumping pillow at our campsite at Taupo

Welllllllllll there aren't any kids on it sooooooooooooooooooo......

Yeah, not quite got the hang of it yet!!!

Official photo's from the Jetboat peoples

We had started off with a full boat!

360 me up baby!!!

Today we woke up and decided to move camp sites, the one we were in was OK but there was a nicer one down the road so I drove us there in my P.J's!

The new camp site has a really nice pool! With a hot spa pool attached so we had a little bit of a swim then did a bit of washing and then got ready and headed in to town....well we were going to head in to town until we realised the time! Yesterday we booked up a jet boat ride down Huka Falls for this afternoon and we had to be there in 15 mins so we drove straight there.

Luckily we had a coupon for 10% off so we saved a bit of money! We were given our life jackets and then made our way to the boat.

The guy drove within centimeters of trees, ducks, banks, rocks, sharks...ok maybe not sharks! Basically everything you could crash in to. There was lots of 360 degree spins which was BRILLIANT!! The driver man really was very very well skilled and pretty funny too!

After a few near misses and spins we drove up to Huka Falls. Now when I saw the pictures of the boat trip in the brochure I said it must be super imposed, it isn't! It is soooooo blue and it was just amazing!

Reeeeally glad we went!

After I had got the dreadlock knots out of my hair we had a few drinks in an Irish pub in town, then spent the evening on the Internet.


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