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I can not believe the disappointment I have experienced today. This is a country that I had longed to visit for very many years and you will now never find me returning. Between the extremes of the old ways, the extremely bad drivers (one of which tried and almost succeeded to run me off the road for obeying the road rules), to the prices of my own country, I can't take it much more.

I drove for eight and a half hours to get bugger all distance really and saw not one castle. Well there was one sort of but wasn't worth the effort of pulling over for. I am now in a small road side hotel that I had to backtrack for. Would you believe that the average hotel room comes in at $70 AUD and one even wanted over $100. I almost asked if this was still low season and was I actually in Romania. How can this be??? How can a country that claims to be poor, charge such huge prices. I ended up getting this one for $40 and for that I get to listen to the highway traffic all night.

The TV doesn't work, there is no internet, so all their efforts to spruce this place up (which they have done a fine job of) doesn't mean a lot when you only end up with a single bed, shower and toilet. To give an even broader image, some of the hostels go for $100 AUD.

The car that could have been the end of me was doing at least 180kms and didn't like that I wasn't. She (I am sorry to say) pulled in front of me almost hitting me. I literally had to brake and pull across other wise we would have hit. That didn't seem to bother her a bit. Me however, it seems to have shaken me up more than I first realised. I could have died here. If I was a stupid idiot like her, I would have. These people have shown more road rage and I have seen more police and accidents in this one day, than I have seen in the last three months...and I was in South East Asia for that time!!!

I just keep thinking of my friend Louise who I will be seeing in less than a week. Thank God for her. I won't even bitch when she goes to hug me. If I haven't already mentioned, she is my ol' neighbour before we both sold up. She then moved to London to be a teacher while I have travelled.

At this point it is tempting to head back towards Bucharest but that won't do. I have to keep trying. Not all people are f#*k wits and I won't give in. I will head North then head to the Black Sea before back tracking a bit to see Dracula's castle (Bran Castle) in Bran.

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