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Em having a bit of a sing on the way to sledging!

This Peacock didn't stoip staring at me for about 2 hours!

I was pretty bored!


Clearly not!!!

The first rapids we went down......and had absolutely no control whatsoever!!!

Still alive though!

I think we only lost 4 people on the day.

The sledgers!

It helped being 'extra' boyant!!!

Call me!!!

Yeah we all survived.....apart from the one at the front. Her next...

Back at the Sledging HQ Swit swoooooo!

I told you I was bored!

Heading in to Taupo

A late panecake day celebration!



We left Rotorua today after what seems like forever (even though it's only been like 4 days or something!).

It was a really cool place but the one thing we won't miss about it is the smell!!

It doesn't constantly smell but every now and then you get a whiff of Sulphar which just reminds me of almost hurling 30 times in Hells Gate!!

Anyway from here we are heading about an hour South down to Lake Taupo (the skydiving capital of the world).

On the way out of Rotorua we stopped off at a place to do some sledging (sledging is basically going down river rapids on a boogie board).

It turns out though that the HQ of the company that does the sledging is right next door to the mud spa in Hells Gate. Splendid!!!

It wasn't too bad for me though as I was off down a river 20 minutes later, but as Em decided to sit this one out she had to wait in the smelly car park for me for about 2 hours!!

The sledging was really cool and wasn't actually as bad as it may at first seem.

We did get to wear really fetching wetsuits and helmets though!!!

We left Rotorua at about 4/5 pm and then got to Lake Taupo by about 6pm.

We pretty much just had some pasta and then crashed after that.



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