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Well I can not say that Bucharest has made a good first impression. It had been a very long trip to get here so all I wanted was to be able to pick up a hire car and head out. I had checked the car rental's situation just before I left Bali and they had availability but when I got to the counters, no one had anything. Only one place would have had one but the guy that hired it has so far refused to return it.

I kept getting hassled by taxi hawkers and they even tell others that they think will have a better chance a getting a yes from you, so that they can approach you. It pissed me off and I was becoming quite abrupt with them. There was no bus or shuttle and I kept getting different information.

I went to the newsagent but they had Lonely Planet books in English but none on Romania. How does that work? Why would you not have ones of your own country? So stupid. Hopefully I will be able to pick one up in town.

They had no hotel reservation desk so I asked the information desk and they were very little help but gave me enough to book a hotel. The price of everything here is a hell of a lot more than I had anticipated. The research I had done on the place and everything that other travellers had told me, all seemed to be wrong. Even the hostels are in the high double figures.

The airport did however have a Vodafone office so I got myself a sim card and credit and tried to call Mum to let her know I had landed safely. I only got the message bank so will try again later. Must continue to remind myself that I am now 5 hours behind Australia.

After to my tiredness and my growing anger, I called the hotel back and asked if they could arrange for someone to pick me up. They could but it would be about 40 minutes. It gave me time to continue looking on the net for accommodation possibilities and have a cold drink. The café had Wi-Fi for 10 Lei so I took advantage. Didn't find any information to help me though.

The car they sent for me was private car that is run through the hotel and they do personal tours but as the costs were already so high, there was no one I would book one. The driver was pleasant and made small talk and tried to give me some information about the place. All I could think was that he would be after a tip. I wasn't about to give one as the ride was already costing me 21 Euro...still cheaper than the taxi and less hassle. Somehow I still know I got jipped.

The Hotel Stil is quite nice but the room (36) is very small after what I have been used to. Still it was very clean with a great bed. It didn't take long for the whole 17 hours on a plane thing to kick in. I wanted to try to stay up till at least 10.30pm to make my body adjust to the new time zone but by 8.30 I couldn't last any longer. I fell asleep with the TV on and didn't care.

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