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Michelle does a practice swing on the third hole, such a beautiful...

At the 10th hole tees, a pretty brook

On the 13th tee, a beautiful, cloudless day

One of the things we were going to do, this we got...

All the golf carts parked for the Halloween party

A Canadian lumberjack and a cruise tourist, you make do with what...

The Sandhill cranes weren't too worried about Mike teeing off

Sunrise starting to come through the fog, over the pond at the...

A Bold Jumper spider, on the outside of the bus. Glad he...

Mike singing in the music jam

Sunrise from the park this morning, and even with the red sky...

Hello all.

Life as retired old persons seems to treat us well. We've been parked here now for almost a month and it's getting to be time to head back north for the arrival of the twins. Since we've been here, we've golfed a half dozen times at a crazy price of $15 each - with a riding cart... and the course is great, only problem - Michelle has beat Mike every time. Mike thinks that the committee needs to re-evaluate the handicap system. We can't wait to get back to resume our golf routine in the new year. We have enjoyed seeing all the wildlife: baby 'gators', buzzards and anhinga (bird), three critters Michelle had never seen before.

The park is slowly filling, a few more RV's arrive each day. The park was expanded from 250 spots last year to 500 during the summer so there are lots of new and interesting things to see and do here at the resort. So much of the facilities are new and it's great to see things getting built. Over the last few winters we've stayed at many parks and seen many places that could have used an upgrade, this park certainly has them all beat, though we will have to wait until the new year to play Pickle Ball (it's not finished being built), we feel like we found our winter home, for this year.

Life here consists of a weekly breakfast or lunch meal to get to know others, nightly tabletop games, weekly happy hours by the pool. Not to leave out the craft sessions, line dancing classes or the ice cream socials, we've managed to maintain our twice a week yoga classes but have opted out of the pokeno, horserace card games and the bingo. We make our own beef jerky and most nights make our dinner over the BBQ. Mike joined in with the weekly jam session. Turns out the local town musicians all show up Sunday nights at the RV park to a receptive hall full of eager 'ol country' fans. The stage had some 20 musician's (Mike was one of the young ones, most are over 70yrs old) all seated and helping play each and every song... The concept is everyone rotates through and gets a chance to get up and play. Unsuspecting Mike was called up as the the second person to play, not sure how the whole process yet worked, he approached center of the stage at the microphone, and sang/played (with the backing of the 20 on stage) 59th Street Bridge song (from 1966). Seems it was perhaps too modern for some of the crowd. He will modify his playing set for next time he attends with something just a bit older.

The RV park we are at is not far off I-75 and is only a few hundred yards from a busy rail line that heads south down to Tampa... about once an hour a freight train toots and hoots its way past the park... like everything else you get use to it. Like the sound of massive sandhill cranes as they honk and fly just feet over head of the RV (often pooping!) heading from one pond to another in the park. Mind you we also have to deal with the field of cows which come over to the fence we back on to, so they can practice their moo'ing at 6 in the morning.

The Bus has a salon appointment for a wash and wax on Saturday, the park has a Veterans lunch and Mike may attempt the karaoke Saturday night. Sunday we plan to head home in the car once we winterize and pack up our camp spot, leaving the RV behind. Just a reminder it's 80 degrees here and below freezing at home... ask us again how much of a rush we are in?!

We may post a quick blog on our trip next week home, back to Canada. Then we will be back on line in the new year as we head back to the bus in Florida for the res t of the winter. In the new year we have a few trips scheduled, St. Augustine, Tarpon Springs and Key West. As well, Mike will work on his golf game and perhaps we can get back into our Pickleball routine.

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