North OR South? Aug 2016 travel blog

Mt Barney from Barney View

near Mt Barney Lodge

Ron thinks this would be "cool" at Tetragona Dve

Monday 29th August - drive to look out over Mt Barney - visit Boonah

This morning we took lunch with us and drove the same road that Jan and I had driven last Tues night when I missed the turn coming back from Rathdowney. What a picturesque drive it was, and we had spectacular views looking at Mt Barney. Along the way we found the Barney View Uniting Church in the middle of ‘no-where’. Not sure if it is still in use as the times had been painted over on the notice board out front. Took photos for Ron’s brother Jim and drove on to look at the Mt Barney Lodge campsite and had lunch on the bank of the creek just nearby. Haw peaceful, watching the mickey washing itself by diving into the creek and then preening it’s feathers. The creek is still running well from last weeks rain event.

On to Boonah, pick up a toasting fork and some fruit while walking the main street. On then towards Maroon Dam, but in the end gave up on that idea in favour of heading straight back to the dam for a cuppa around the fire. Mind you RonG found time on the way home to capture three more letter box photos for his collection.

The campground is now very deserted and the possums and kangaroos are back out on the grounds in the afternoon feeding. A large contingent of Year10s from Somerset College turned up late morning but then not long after headed off with back packs - presumably for an overnight campout before heading up Mt Barney tomorrow.

Their noise wouldn’t worry us anyway, this park is so huge, we hear nothing of other campers.

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