2016 mt surprise reunion travel blog

Green and Grey

Fog and mist after we left Milla Milla

Blue sky at Mission Beach - Dunk Is. in background

Tully sugar mill

Tully sugar mill - old and new ways of transporting sugar cane

The big gum-boot, Tully. Wettest town in Queensland

13/6/2016 Monday

What a night! It blew a gale in gusts, and rained fairly continually. We put our awning in which helped to stop the van rocking. I filled a hot water bottle - it was a bit cool. This is the first rain we've had in 3 weeks, so we can't complain. There was just some light, misty rain this morning.

After packing up, we walked over to the Ravenshoe bakery and had a farewell coffee with Pam & Don at 9am - some had sausage rolls, one a meat pie, and one had fruit - an apple turnover - with cream! Pam & Don are heading to Cairns to visit Don's uncle, and we're heading to Townsville to have our car serviced - only 1000+km over!

The bakers started work at 5.30pm yesterday, and a new shift came on this morning to continue baking and creaming and icing etc. We're not surprised - Ravenshoe bread was on sale at Mt. Surprise, Georgetown and Normanton. It is lovely bread.

Back to our vans, final hugs and goodbyes and on the road to our separate destinations. We drove through fog and mist and light rain until we'd gone through Milla Milla and down the mountain - no wonder everything is so green here. The countryside is spectacular - lush rain forest trees, sugar cane, bananas, tea and the fields - everything is such a beautiful, clean green. What a difference to the red soil we've been surrounded by for the last couple of weeks. Both have looked amazing in their own way.

We stopped at Innisfail hoping to buy a sd card reader for the iPad, but Apple are very selective who they allow to sell their products. We tried a couple of places, but no luck. So - no photos tonight.

We went to Mission Beach and checked out the Council caravan park, but they didn't have any powered sites, so we decided we'd continue further south. We did have lunch there though, overlooking the water and Dunk Island. It was so beautiful and peaceful, although quite windy.

Our next stop was Tully, where we saw the sugar mill belching out white smoke, wagons loaded with sugar cane, the big gum boot and frog and a large cassowary carved out of timber. We had thought we might stop there tonight, but after checking out the Showground, decided it was too close to the highway.

We continued on to Cardwell, which is a lovely little town right on the coast with lovely parks, beach and jetty. This will do us! So here we are, on our own! Miss our travelling companions......

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