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Downtown Provincetown

Cape Cod National Seashore

Concert at the Beach

Chatham Railroad Museum

Pedego Interceptor eBike

Riding my rented eBike

The rest of the holiday week, I spent as a tourist.

I haven't been to Provincetown in decades. Now was a good time to fill that vacancy.

Provincetown, often called P-town, is the classic coastal-resort tourist town. Lot of visitors every day in the summer wandering up and down Bradford Street, the main drag. And, "drag" is the appropriate word for it. P-town is famous for it's LGBT community. While I was there, a man dressed in drag and sporting an outrageous hairdo was advertising a cabaret. Many of the shops sold LGBT t-shirts, like one that had "Nobody Knows I'm Gay" in huge letters.

I booked a "Dune Tour". We rode in a 7-passenger, four-wheel-drive truck through the Cape Cod National Seashore. It wasn't at all like a hair-raising dune buggy trip I once took in Oklahoma. This was slow and ecologically friendly. Mostly, it was historical. Our guide pointed out the few dune shacks that remain. He explained that the entire area used to consist of old-growth forest before it was completely cut down for lumber. What we see today is the sand dunes that remain. Although the National Park Service is endeavoring to return the preserve to its natural state, it's going to take many, many years.

My other adventure was an 8-mile eBike ride along the Old Colony Rail Trail from Dennis to Chatham. I've ridden on all four of the other bike trails on the Cape: The Cape Cod Rail Trail, the Shining Sea Bikeway and both of the Cape Cod Canal Bikeways. This was my first time on the Old Colony Rail Trail.

It was also my first time on an eBike (Electric Bike). I've been considering buying one for years. I've ridden them for short trips. This was my first long trip on an eBike. I definitely enjoyed certain aspects of the it but it wasn't exactly what I'm looking for.

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