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One of the deer we met on the way

Beach & Rocks at Devil's Kitchen

More Rocks

Face Rock

Beach at Face Rock

Horses on the beach


Sea Beating on Rocks

Surf on Face Rock

Rock overwhelmed by the sea

Surf near Bandon

Bandon Harbour Wall

Crow over Beach

Surf on Harbour Wall

Bandon Lighthouse

Surf on Harbour Wall


Gull & Brown Pelicans

Result of too many Photographs!

Where we bought the kettle

Storefronts at Bandon

The Candy Store

Carving at Waterfront


We arose at our normal time this morning and I prepared breakfast. We had discovered last night that our electric kettle was not working, so we had to use the gas stove with an old fashioned kettle we keep for just such times.

After breakfast we set off for Bandon with the intention of purchasing a replacement. We stopped at several places to observe the surf pounding on the rocks. To paraphrase an old saying, "When you are trying to capture the perfect surf beating on a rock, it is hard to remember the primary purpose of the outing is to buy a kettle"! We spent a couple of hours watching the surf, and ate our picnic lunch while doing it. Despite the blue skies and brilliant sunshine, the wind was ferocious and we were frozen each time we returned to the truck to warm up and continue on short distance for a different view. Cortez obviously did not see the ocean on a day like today when he named it "Pacific".

A couple of hundred photographs later, we tore ourselves away and went into town where we found the one store where we overpaid for the necessary appliance. We then walked along the street admiring the one-of-a-kind stores that lined the sidewalk, including a candy store which offered multiple samples. I told Christine that if she did not hurry up and decide what she wanted, I would not need dinner.

As we walked around we tried to remember what it was like 30 ears ago when we were last here. The waterfront has certainly been improved and the marina is new, but the town is much the same with a number of stores replaced by similar ones and the restaurants look more modern than we remember, but the town is still recognizable.

We walked along the waterfront and eventually returned to the truck and headed for the campground. We prepared dinner and enjoyed a lovely pork tenderloin cooked on the barbecue. We watched the news - such as it is here - when the Fox channel carries the most comprehensive news coverage, you know there is a problem - with our coffee.

We settled in for the evening and I worked on our photos and Christine read.

Tomorrow we expect to head south and see some more seascapes.

P.S. If you want to see more rocks & surf, let us know, we have plenty!

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