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Views during our walk

And more

Last steps down

Nice selfie of 4 of us

1st town in Cinque Terra

View from ferry of other Cinque Terra towns

Early morning departure in the car to the town recommended by Elyse to park our car. A 1 1/2 hour drive (including finding out how the toll works with receiving a ticket when you get on the toll road and then pay when you get off depending on the distance travelled).

Beautiful views and after some "stress" to find out where a parking place was near the train station we managed to catch the train to the 1st town of the Cinque Terra, Riomaggiore.

We decided to walk the first leg between the 2 first towns and then take a ferry boat ride from number 2 to 5 and enjoy the views of the colourful houses and landscapes from the lowly situated ocean. The first walk is considered a romantic one, but because of works undertaken between these 2 towns, we had to walk over the hill. A good exercise for all of us after indulging in (too) much food over the past few weeks and due to the warm temperatures and steep hill, we did sweat out some excess fluids and calories during this 1 hour walk.

Stunning views again from the seaside landscapes and houses situated in the hills. Many painted with different colours and with the sunny weather enjoyed, this creates a magnificent landscape once again for photo opportunities.

On arrival in the 2nd town, Manarola, we had a quick wander around and Tom and Luke took the opportunity to do some swimming and jumping off some large rocks. A bit nerve wrecking for the parents to watch them, but all fortunately went well and no accidents!

We had a lovely lunch (seafood being the speciality) and then we took the ferry and travelled along the 3 towns to the last town, Monterosso al Mere, where we disembarked and enjoyed a drink and some more tourist shopping. A wonderful day, stunning views and took a few nice photos.

Early evening we took the train back (first the wrong way but then lucky to get a train back after the first stop quite quickly) and after finding our car in the car park, had a safe drive home to the farm house. Bacon and egg rolls and we watched "21 Jump Street" on Tom's laptop.

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