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Boarded our flight in Munich at about 12:30 with a whole bunch of children. We also had seats in the middle of the row - it was an uncomfortable flight.

Two young kids (2 and 4 or so) in front of us were constantly moving about, one even hitting the man in from of him on the head with a stuffed toy. Both fighting and squabbling the whole time. The mother (I guess) sat on the end and did little about any of it. There were also several babies who seemed to cry sequentially rather than simultaneously. Then there was the woman who kept her shade up the entire trip - and the sun just poured through the window. And the food wasn't great and they picked up the headphones about 30 minutes before the flight was over. Some good movies though!

We arrived in Charlotte right on time and got off the plane quickly (well, I had to leave through the other isle due to some sort of traffic jam). Passport control was easy - self help and printed receipts. Then to the luggage area to collect our bags for customs. There was a thunderstorm going on so they stopped using the carts on the runway, so our bags were delayed. A security guard with a beagle sniffer came around asking about seeds and such - that was the excitement. Our bags took over an hour - but they arrived!

Through customs and off to our boarding area. Alice stopped for an American Cheeseburger at Burger King (which we saw in every city we went to) and we got to the gate with ten minutes to spare before boarding time. But then we waited again.

There were several handicapped passengers and the ground crew had quite a bit of difficulty attaching the ramp. We finally boarded and took off about 20 minutes late. On the plus side there was a tail wind so we got to Lynchburg at exactly the right time - 7:50 PM.

Kitty (who have very graciously offered to pick us up - she made the end of the trip much better than it would have otherwise been) was waiting at the airport and when the bags arrived - Alice's was not there! She was not happy. We waited fro the ticket counter to open and when the guy showed up - there was Alice's bag. they had put it wit the big carry on. So we got out of the airport about 8:30. Kitty drove us to Food Lion to get some fresh food, then home at about 9:00 - almost exactly 24 hours from when we got up this morning.

All the critters were well, the house hadn't burned down, and even the turtle tank wasn't too bad. Merrin did a great job as a house sitter!

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