Morgan Zablocki, The Graduate

Katie, Morgan, Paul

Frank, Morgan, Rosalie

Friday afternoon Ross & Marge's daughter, along with her husband Frank and their youngest son Paul, arrived in Grand Rapids. After they got settled in Ross, Marge and Katie drove into Grand Rapids to meet the new arrivals in their hotel room. Later on everyone went out for dinner at a Mexican Restaurant that Morgan had frequented in the past.

Katie had decided she wanted to move in with her parents at the hotel and Paul decided to room with his brother in Morgan's apartment located about five minutes from the hotel. So Ross and Marge returned to their motorhome after dinner for the night.

Saturday started out to be another excellent day from a weather perspective. Ross & Marge were slow getting up they didn't need to be Grand Rapids until noon where they were to meet everyone except Morgan who had to report to the school by 1300. Marge wanted to prepare dinner for everyone at the motorhome Saturday evening and she asked the campground operator if we could bring all five of Rosalie's family into the park for a couple of hours as Ross and Marge prepared and served everyone dinner. The campground operator said, yes, but there will be a $3.00 charge for each of the five extra people. Marge was not pleased and said so and told the campground operator the group would find another place for dinner. This seemed to piss off the campground operator and told Marge that if that was the case the extra chairs Ross and Marge had would not allowed in the Flea Market Sale to be held on Sunday and that they would have to find a different means to ditch the old chairs. So the chairs were donated to Goodwill and the campground operator can go pound sand. We will not be back in this campground again and had they not already paid for a one week stay they would have left the campground Sunday morning.

Graduation ceremony was a typical graduation with boring speeches and pomp and circumstance. The lighting in the building was not good enough to allow for photos using a telephoto lense so none of the photos Ross took were any good. Rosalie used her IPad and got a good movie of the ceremony but again finding individuals was really impossible. After the ceremony we met up with Morgan outside of the building and then drove to the hotel where we decided to go to the Chicago Restaurant for pizza, pasta, and salads. The meal was good and we broke up after dinner and everyone drove to their specific domicile.

Sunday morning was another slow morning although Ross and Marge did arrive at the hotel around 1030 where they intended to say goodbye to everyone. Katie was long gone as her plane left Grand Rapids at 0650. Frank has planned to share driving time with Morgan as the two of them will drive back to California in Morgan's car. Rosalie and Paul will return to California by airplane and their flight did not leave until 1700 this afternoon.

Ross and Marge were surprised when Morgan wasn't ready to head west until about 1500 when Morgan and Frank finally climbed into the car and headed west. Rosalie had to return the rental car so she and Paul left the hotel minutes after Fran Morgan left. Ross and Marge headed back to Cedar Springs and stopped at the Goodwill located less than a mile from the campground and got rid of the old motorhome chairs. They then headed across the road to a large Costco imitator warehouse store for some groceries.

Yesterday the dishwasher went out again, which was expected now that the holiday weekend is upon us and there are no appliance service repair businesses open. Ross will call Fisher Pykel on Tuesday morning to see if he can make an appointment for a service call at the campground they are moving to on Tuesday located in the northern section of lower Michigan near the Mackinac Bridge located near the town of Mackinaw City, Michigan.

Ross & Marge are having dinner at the motorhome by themselves and the dog. The dog is just finishing his dinner and will need to be taken out to do his business.

So that is all for today,

Rosas & Marge

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