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Up early today to catch our bus to Eceabat. First we cought a bus from Selcuk to Izmir then we had to catch a bus from their. When we got there and finally found the counter for the company that goes to Chanakale we had 5 min to find the bus. Down stairs we went and in the nick of time we where on the bus. Perfect Timing.

We arrived in Chanakale about 5 hours later and had to catch the ferry over to Eceabat. We had been recomended a hostel from our friends at the All Black which was called TJ's. We found it and for the first time on the whole trip we had to stay in a dorm room. But lucky for us there was no one else in our room.

Upstairs to the roof BBQ and we could see the whole town it was a great view. Had a few drinks with some Canandians that we had been on a tour with in Pammukale and then went to bed.

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