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Tolcarne Inn

cop that roof

traffic lights

good for cars, not pedestrians

goodbye to Ancarva cottage

A comment on television. the British is as bad as the Australian!

all reality shows. Though even there I think thieve outdone us. I saw one that was a medical one. You tell the Doctor your problem, backing it up with video clips (phone or other) and then doctor or those he brings in, tells you what needs to be done and next step...which is often go to the GP. On the night I watched there were ingrown toe nails, sores that wouldn't heal, bunions, skin infections, size OO boobs and penis problems (uretha on outside!) Unbelievably awful, but I'm sure people would be hooked in. And how long before we pick shows 'franchise' up?

Agatha Christie Miss Marple and Peirot over and over and Neighbours. Detective Lewis getting a beating every night this week. Why do they beat a good thing to death.

The big drama starting next week is Packer and the cricket takeover. Now that might be a good one!!!

ive put a photo of my Newlyn internet pub in before, but there was a conversation about coal fires (you don't realise how they affect Its outside! take a look!

It takes a while for the penny to drop. I had become aware that the pedestrian 'walk signs' were actually existent (I'd press the button and not see any lights!)but they were in a funny place. I had to look at the pole near me which meant I want looking across the road or at the traffic.

Then the realisation! I had to watch the traffic, forget about the little man. That was there so the car drivers know someone was about to cross. So they get red light AND the pedestrian crossing light facing them

And time to make another departure from my haven in Newlyn. Next move I thought would be East, to Hastings or Dover or?? So started on the rail tickets. Man!! I had to go into London and out again for the places I out in. Not only travel all day but in one case get to two underground stations before the mainline trains.

So back to the drawing board. ON Penny and David's shelves was a little book of English architecture. Exeter was mentioned with still existing examples a few times. a check showed it could be done without any train changes so Exeter is next stop!

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