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This is a Duck Billed Platypus, I thought they were extinct.

Duck Billed Platypus looking at me, he thought that I was extinct!

Fleurescent Squid

Moon Jellyfish

What big teeth you have!

Undersea Stand-Up Comic.

Shimmering Light.


Biggest Stingray I've ever seen, bigger than most of the sharks.

Sinister, yet beautiful creature of the deep.

Monorail over Darling Harbour

Even the local dogs look at us tourists as an attraction.


Lighthouse on the quay at the Maritime Museum, very scary going up...

Darling Harbour Ferry

Shells for the guns over a foot long, yet fired over 150...

Awesome firepower, Brian would love this!

Setting sights on something higher?

Raving Lunatic, in control of all them guns.

Whale Harpoon Cannon, explosives attached to the front.

Actual manacles used on transported convicts, maybe even an Irishman.

Historic Sailing Craft

Spent the whole of today around Darling Harbour - the Aquarium, the National Maritime Museum and a sitting of "Aliens of the Deep" in the IMAX.

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