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Corinium Roman Garden

Roman Mosaic

Hunting Dogs mosaic

Cirencester today

Polyphon mechanical music instrument

Today was a day for Roman Britain, but first the weather. When I left this morning my car said it was 3C but when I got to the top of the hill on the Minchinhampton Common it dropped to 1C & there were spots of sleet amongst the rain. It stopped raining by the time I reached Cirencester but I took my umbrella with me today, just in case. This afternoon was quite fine but, according to my car, it didn’t go above 7C. I’m certainly making use of the warm clothes I brought & my little electric blanket is a comfort at night.

Cirencester is about 15 miles from here & a reasonably straight road once you negotiate the “W” up the hill. It was called Corinium in Roman times & was Roman Britain’s second largest city.

They have an excellent museum with one of the largest collections of Romano-British artefacts including some stunning mosaics which were all discovered in this area.

The museum concentrates on the Roman period but also traces the history of the city through the Saxon times to the Medieval city & on to the modern era. Being school holidays, it was absolutely full of kids but it’s well designed so they seemed to be enjoying themselves & maybe even learning a little bit.

I loved the old town & wandered around the little lanes, looking at the shops & even bought a cardigan at a market in the old Corn Hall building. I found a Cornish Pasty shop so that was lunch, then I went up the road to Northleach because I’d picked up a brochure about a Mechanical Music Museum there.

It seemed like something completely different & I had a guided tour where they played most of the ‘instruments’, even an original Edison phonograph with the wax cylinders. Some of the music boxes were exquisite but the guide got very technical so I was a bit lost. It was worth the trip though.

Now I’m home & getting ready to cook some authentic Scottish salmon for dinner. Bon appétit!

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