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Cloud Shrouded Mountains

Our Highway

Teslin Lake

Continental Divide Sign

Continental Divide Sign - Closeup

Teslin River Bridge

Yukon River Bridge

Rest Area Outhouses

Moose Crossing Next 25 km

Caution Wildlife

Buffalo on Road

Our travels today took us further along the Alaskan Highway from Watson Lake (mile 613) to Whitehorse, YT (mile 884). The weather was cloudy and you could see the clouds sitting on the tops of some of the mountains. We did not see any wildlife during this drive although there were signs for Buffalo, Caribou and Sheep. The drive was pleasant and only 253 miles versus yesterday’s 329. Although the road was winding we were able to maintain a descent speed. Max speed on most highways is either 100 or 110 km/h. We again crossed the Continental Divide at mile 699.4 which separates the Yukon and MacKenzie watersheds. The Alaska Highway actually crosses the Yukon Territory/British Columbia border 7 times before staying in Yukon. Teslin Lake is 86 miles long and averages 2 miles wide. Marsh Lake near Whitehorse is 20 miles long and is the beginning of the Yukon River. The Yukon River is the fourth or fifth longest river in North America at approximately 2000 miles (depending on the source).Whitehorse is home to 2/3’s of the Yukon’s residents. We also passed or crossed such waterways as: Little Rancheria Creek, Big Creek, Young Creek, Spencer Creek, Seagull Creek, Canyon Creek, Porcupine Creek, Swift River, Partridge Creek, Screw Creek, Swan Lake, Logjam Creek, Smart River, Strawberry Creek, Ten Mile Creek, Deadman Creek, Lone Tree Creek, Brook's Brook, and M'Clintock River to name a few.

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