Life At The Tico Lodge! travel blog

Rox at Ancla beach rest.. good food and smoothies.

Snorkel kit on a bus. It can go part way under water.

Brad not able to go to surf turnament...

Real Italian Rest

Nice very light crust.

Mother of squiral.

Rox's new friend, check out the tail.

Rox dog friend and Italian Captain friend, Rico in the background.

Original Italian lime shooter. * yum* home made in rest.

Try not to step on this guy with your bare feet!

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Just listen to this , just up the road from the Tico...

(MP4 - 2.77 MB)

This monkey is saying hi to Tessie, Madi, and Keanan!

Brad tried all day go to a surf tournment about 30 min away in the blazing sun, but I put by foot down, not shade and way to hot. Instead sitting around the pool and going for a marg sounded more up my alley......So finally after seeing the hot sweaty heat stroke people returning I think he got over not going.............I was right!!!!!! For once............Then we went for dinner in a real Italian Restorante authentic pizza and the owner had rescued a baby squirral. A real little 30 day old squirral without its fluffiness yet. I thought it was a rat.........But after looking closer and then holding the little thing, it was sooooo cute. The owner of the restorante feeds it baby formula every one hour around the clock, and at night she puts it to sleep with her small dogs. She kisses and loves it so much. It fell out of the tree and the mom abandoned it. We met a guy from Italy, captain of Costa Cruise lines Paolo and his girlfried a flamingo dancer also on the cruise lines. He spoke english and her little english so after pizza and squirral we went for drinks at Lagarrto's on the beach. Had a great time, and as it turns out he has been to Crofton and Chemainus when he worked on container ships, also a french canadian guy from Quebec came with us, nice guy and as travel all over the place. As we made our way home we dodged all the braumal cows and steers making there way through town, such bedlam............ Last massage at four, then to prepare for our departure to Montezuma on wed. morning. We will be staying at Luna Llena at 26420390. Rox

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