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Next we head further north up into the mountains above Hanoi. The night train is still unbelievably (albeit lightly) air conditioned even though the temperature has dropped to around 10 degrees. From Lao Cai we take a bus up the winding road to Sapa and the temperature drops even further. First stop in town is to find a room with a heater that actually works and buy some wooly hats and gloves to keep us warm. We had big plans to visit some of the local markets in the area and head out off the beaten track but our plans are foiled once more by getting sick again. it seems that the bout of malaria in Malawi has reduced our ability to stay well so we spend a few days taking strolls and drinking lots of hot chocolate and gluwein. Frode even get the chance to face a humiliating defeat in chess against an bored shopkeeper, and are offered a glass of local liqour to overcome the disappointment.

Day 3 in Sapa we need to get out of the house and so find a guide to take us walking the back roads past the rice paddies. We are lucky and find the sun peaking out behind the clouds for the first time in days and actually sit and eat our lunch with our guide, Kim, in the sunshine. But the next day its FrodeĀ“s turn to get sick as his head spins on the winding roads back to Lao Cai before we head back to Hanoi.

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