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coco taxis

presidential hotel

Poco from the top of the double decker bus tour of Havana

Jose Marti statue in front of his museum in Revolution Square

Elaine on the double decker bus

Che Guevera - he's everywhere - neon sign at Revolution Square

Amazing piece of artwork, can you find Poco in the tire

Told you Che is everywhere

Fort across from the Malencon

Cory forgot his hat and the sun was hot. Che is everywhere

Cory and his Che Guerilla buddy

A statue of Jesus watches over the city of Havana

Poco is very tired from two plane flights from Guatemala, so he is letting Elaine and Cory write this entry.

This entry might now seem a little out of order, as this one was rushed off at an interent cafe.

After arriving at the Guatemala airport, Elaine was in a bit of a foul mood, as the security guards caught me trying to pass through security with a banned item. Yes folks it is true, I tried getting through security with my roll of Canadian flag packing tape purchased from the local post office in Hope, BC. In case you were not aware, you cannot take tape through security. At least not in Guatemala. Cory and I have taken a roll of tape with us on all our trips in the last 9 years, so it was quite interesting. I almost went postal. So the headline you did not read is ¨Canadian goes postal on airplane and tapes up crew¨

Anyway, arrived in Cuba, with thoughts of tape no longer a sticky subject. Cory and I arrive at customs in Cuba, and as per every other trip we went to the counter together ' oh no this isn´t allowed in Cuba ' only 1 person at the counter at a time. In customs, at the bank, at the money exchange.

We arrived at our Casa Particular ' basically a homestay around midnight, and today have wandered around old Havana. It is quite a contrast between the old and the new. We will be here at least two more days and then heading to the beach.

We are finding that internet is not as easily accessible, so we are using an internet cafe. If you do not hear from us in the next little while, week or two, don´t be alarmed, chances are we are good, just not having access to the internet. We will compose some entries, on the lap top, and when we have internet will post a whole bunch all at once. Running out of time on the clock right now.

We are safe, healthy and happy.

Havana is fantastic, the buildings are amazing. Walked along the Malencon today.

Poco caught a big fish, pictures to follow.

Bye for now.

Elaine and Cory

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