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Rikke on the Dock

Small Bird

Home made dug out Canoe's

Our home

Goin Fishing

The piece of metal that acted like a lightning rod

Random guy paddling

Tranquility and tarantulas. Oh, well, maybe not tarantulas but big spiders. Oh, ok, maybe not that big either but LOTS that’s for sure. We spend the first night in an outdoor geodorm, but moved happily to an indoor room with fewer spiders.

We felt so happy and relaxed on a small beautiful island.

On the third day we decided to go on a canoe ride in a homemade wooden canoe. Then of course a storm appeared from nowhere shortly after visiting Punishment Island!!!! (An island where they used to put unmarried pregnant women – Survivor: go home). Maciej was driven by adrenalin, and whatever else hormone that circulate in your body in these situations, and paddled us home safe. He yelled ‘right, left, faster’ and drove me nuts - but maybe I asked for it, since I mentioned the big piece of metal they put in front of the boat and said I thought it was a lightening detector…… I think Maciej wished for his brother for a few seconds (or an hour) since he several times mentioned that his brother would have paddles ‘faster, to the right or left’ without questioning.

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