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View from Estes Park, CO Campgrounds near Rocky Mountain National Park

Estes Park Campgrounds in early morning clouds at 8000 feet.

Estes Park downtown sidewalk flowers.

View of Rockies from Bear Lake in Rocky Mountain NP.

Bull Elk in woods along road.

Young Bull Elk grazing in park.

Path to peak at Continental Divide in Rocky Mountain NP Visitor's Center...

At the peak.

View down the path from 12,000' peak. Road is in distance. It...

KEEN sandals not the best for snow treks.

Pine Bark Beetle has killed nearly half of pine trees on west...

Blue ring is from fungus that accompanies the Pine Bark Beetles. Log...

Brown colored trees are pine trees that have died due to the...

View from road at continental divide at 12,000' in Rocky Mtn. NP.

Campers resting in the mountain sunshine.

View of resting campers.

Bull Elk Resting

Kathleen Smelling Vanilla Aroma of Ponderosa Pine Bark

Bull Elk with Harem

At the 12,000' Contential Divid in Rocky Mountain NP

My Girls at Divide

Dinosaur Model at Dinosaur National Monument, Vernal, UT

Salt Lake View

Salt Lake Salt

Sandals in the Salty Sand

Morman Church Conference Center - We enjoyed the Tabernacle Choir and Utah...

Pups Ready for a Walk

Red Rocks at Zion NP

Lunch in Zion Canyon

Zion National Park View

View of red stone cliff from Zion NP canyon

Zion Canyon View

Hiking in The Narrows in Zion NP

Hiking in The Narrow with Neoprene socks, water boots and wooden walking...

Stream Walking Footware

Fording the Virgin River in The Narrows

Zion NP View

Bryce NP View

View from Bryce NP Canyon Rim

Hiking among the red rocks a Bryce NP

Hiking in Bryce NP canyon. We carried water packs on our backs...

Pine in the narrow Bryce NP canyon

Bryce NP canyon view

Steep climb out of Bryce NP canyon.

Deep narrow slot canyon in Bryce NP

Dry terrain on Rt. 12 to Capitol Reef NP

View from Rt. 12 to Capitol Reef NP.

View from Rt. 12 at 12,000'

Rt. 12 Aspen View

Aspen Leaf

Martha Cam of Aspen along Rt. 12 to Capitol Reef NP

View from Torrey Campground of red rock bluff with yellow Rubber Rabbit...

Red rocks at Capitol Reef NP in Utah

Picking apples in Capitol Reef NP canyon.

Eroded holes in red rock in Capitol Reef NP.

A walk in a dry wash in Capitol Reef NP.

Red rock dust on our walking sandals.

Dry drive to Moab, UT.

Red stone arches in Arches NP.

More arches in red rocks at Arches NP.

Yet another arch in Arches NP.

View from Moab, UT campground.

Sunset light through Utah rain shower.

View of canyons in Canyonlands NP, Utah

View of 1100 AD stone block village in cliff cave at Mesa...

View from under cliff of cliff dwelling during ranger tour at Mesa...

View of another cliff dwelling at Mesa Verde NP.

One of several wood ladders during cliff dwelling tour. This ladder was...

Sunrise over Mesa Verde mountains.

View of yellow aspens on route to Gunnison Black Canyon NP, Colorado.

View from route to Gunnison, CO.

Another mountain view of Aspens and snow.

View of Gunnison Black Canyon River National Park, Colorado

View down into Black Canyon NP canyon.

View from Gunnision River Canyou in Gunission Black Canyon NP

View at Great Sand Dunes NP, Colorado

Kathleen in foggy sand dunes.

Sand Dunes are at foot of Sangre de Cristo Mountains.

Stream from mountains flows between and under sand dunes.

View of dunes with a person and white dog on slope.

Sandal prints in the sand.

Mark, Missy, Demetria and Aurelia less Stilicho.

Demetria in playhouse.

Aurelia on Merry-Go-Round.

Steve and Demetria on Merry-Go-Round

Aurelia feeding giraffe at Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, Colorado Springs.

A walk on the path with Rose and Demetria in the cart.

Aurelia leading Martha on path.

Aurelia and Demetria in cabin at park.

Stiicho at 4 months.

Kathleen warming her hands from steam from 140F hot spring water at...


I have created this 2008 Western Trip photo review with titles that describe and show our experiences.

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