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Heading towards the Coastal Mountains - notice the low snow level

More mountains

A tunnel ahead

Hwy 1 the Fraser Canyon has 7 tunnels - here is another

Out of one and into another tunnel

Our road is down there....

Our first mountain pass Jackass Mountain 361 m.

Up the mountain, down the cliff - I'd rather stay on the...

Driving through many avalanche areas - saw a few 'rocks' on the...

We go up the mountain and down again

Around every corner we see another wonderful view

Follow that truck.....down we go

The Thompson River Valley

Rocks in the river as well

Another valley view

Quite the curvy road

Through the mountains and more to come - not even at the...

Interesting cliffs

Train tunnels

Desert like terrain

Go around, go cut through the mountain

Near Ashcroft - a farmers irrigation system

Sage Brush just outside Cache Creek

Almost in Kamloops

Falklands Canadian flag in the hillside

Another fire left its mark

Up on the hill overlooking the East Arm of Okanagan Lake in...

Todays destination - Kelowna BC

Hello from Kelowna,

After all my bragging about lists we ended up forgetting at least one item……Peter’s cap! It was sitting by the door and I thought he grabbed it, but I didn’t check……oh well, if that is all we forgot I guess we did alright.

On Friday morning I woke up around 4 a.m. – why I don’t know, I just did. After unsuccessfully trying to get back to sleep I finally got up at 4:50. I checked emails, showered, dressed and started loading the rest of the truck. Once Peter woke up we had breakfast, read the newspaper then cleaned the trailer – so it would look nice for when we return. By 9:20 we were finished and on our way. Peter was very happy that I woke up early because it helped us get away early enough to catch the 12:30 ferry instead of the 3 p.m.

Friday we travelled to Abbotsford. We did some errands and visited with family along the way and saw son Jon on Saturday. Sunday we left around 9ish and when we arrived in Hope we saw the signs that told us Hwys 3 and 5 had compact snow and icy sections. We picked Hwy 1, the scenic Fraser Canyon, and had bare, dry roads and sunny weather the whole way. It took us an extra 100 km to get to Kelowna – but it was well worth it to stay away from the snow and ice.

During the drive through the canyon I kept the camera ready to catch some of the wonderful scenery. I even took a picture of all 7 tunnels. Once we arrived in Kelowna we visited Peter’s friends. He hasn’t seen them for about 40 years. We had a wonderful evening visiting before, during and after a really nice dinner and made a promise to stop by again on our way back to the island.

Today, March 30th, is Peter’s 70th birthday! We have been celebrating since last week. A good friend stopped by to visit with a birthday/going away cake which we really enjoyed. The next day we visited with daughters Robin and Dee. They made a birthday/going away dinner complete with a great tasting homemade mandarin lime cheese cake. Robin added a sparkler and we sang an early happy birthday to Peter. The next day we had the rest of the first cake with another friend who stopped to visit. Today we will be arriving in Calgary at his sisters and she informed us that we will be having another birthday dinner tomorrow night!

I had hoped to make this milestone a special day for Peter by planning a trip to Disneyland in California. This did not work out once we found out we were heading to Drumheller. But after all the cakes, and visits with friends, old and new, and relatives it is turning out to be a special birthday “week” after all.

We hope everyone is well and happy and we will write again soon, Peter & Connie

April 4 - adding photos - hope the wifi stays connected long enough to complete it....

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