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Florida City is a "close to" city - close to Miami, close to The Keys, close to The Everglades. We found a city rv park with trees and grass located right between Hwy 1 and the bus highway. Hundreds of rv's are parked here - some like us on the move and some will never move again. We drove through miles and muiles of landscape nurseries getting here - lots of palm trees and pretty shrubs. This is also the garden basket for Florida with lots of veggies and fruit grown in this area.

If you look at a map of Florida, you will see lots of squiggley lines across the southern end and along the gulf shores. This is because it is covered with water, fresh water filled with grasses and mangrove shrubs, fish, birds, aligators, panthers and turtles. These are The Everglades. We drove through Everglades National Park to Flamingo Visitor Center (no flamingoes). Water and mangroves (brush that grows in water) were on either side of the road which had a marked summit of four feet. We hoped to take a pontoon boat through the area, but it was not to be because of engine trouble on the boat. We were however shown several crocadiles sunning on the opposite shore, and one gave a demonstation of how quickly they move if a likely fish swims by. The water at Flamingo is briney, hence the crocodiles. Visitors rent kayaks here and glide through the waterways that crisscross The Everglades.

We drove back to the Anhinga Trail, an easy less than one mile hike on a boardwalk through the mangroves. What a treat! Anhingas are big black and white birds that seemed to have no fear of us. After taking pictures, Larry sat down next to one and had a one sided conversation! We saw cranes and herons, some fish and turtles, and lots of aligators - all up close and exciting.

The difference between The Everglades and a swamp? We asked a ranger. Everglades are mostly grass and mangroves, no trees. Swamp has hardwood trees because the land has more elevation to sustain them. The Everglades has to be another highlight for our trip. Just look at the pictures the guys took!


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