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Sillustani burial tower

Another tower

View from the top

Puno - sillustani

After a few blog updates we had a tour to the nearby Sillustani ruins. This was only a short ride from Puno.

The ruins were actually an Inca burial ground. Royalties were buried in circular towers (the bodies mummified first). The rest were buried in underground tombs.

The tour was cheap and we quickly discovered why, the guides English was not great and he had an annoying habit of saying 'no' (the really short version, not the know kind) the commentary on the ruins was something like... 'so, no, my friends, no, these are big, no ruins no. The stones no were carved no many years no ago no by the Inca peoples no' ... You are following me no?

Anyway by far the best part was the view at the top and soon we were heading back to Puno.

We spent the night sorting out a few more travel plans for Chile then went out for a final Peruvian meal. The food once again was delicious and for a change a pan pipe band accompanied us. Actually this time the band was quite good and as we finished off and walked back to the hotel we were quite sad.

Our Peru adventure was over and tomorrow we go to Bolivia. We are as usual apprehensive about the unknown again, particularly the bus ride and the border crossing. The Lonely Planet makes this crossing out to be quite hairy... Let's hope not eh?

In a funny sort of way we have both fallen for Peru, it's a country with so much to offer. Outstandingly beautiful scenery, an interesting history, very friendly people and delicious food. We shall miss the hustle and bustle of Cusco, the sophisticated Arequipa and the rough round the edges Puno. So if you're wondering whether or not to visit, go on ... Try it. to Bolivia tomorrow...

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