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Old volcano in the distance? Note the more north we go the...

Helen shows off the inside of the bus...

Oh yeah! All mod-cons baby!

It's all there! Clock the bottle of water under the curtain. Helen...

Helen (Delia Smith) gets down to the sandwich scene. Her mother will...

How to build the table. #1. Bolt base into floor.

#2. Place leg into base. So far - so good.

#3. Lift (very very heavy) table top from back of bus. Try...

#4. Haul table top across bus. Do not try to smack into...

#5. I said DO NOT (!!) bang table into anything!

#6. Carefully place table on base and tighten!

#7. Tighten all bolds and admire.

#8. Look good for camera. Here endeth the lesson.

Helen looks pleased with lunch!

Approaching Paihia - Bay of Islands

Gordon the bus - looking great!

Mike (Doctor and fellow friend of Mr Denzil May) in Paihia

Mike again - we'll probably catch up with him again in NZ...

Gareth and Helen after consuming a cracking bottle of NZ white ;-)

Gareth and Mike - "Here's to New Zealand!"

We left North Shore and headed north on Motorway 1. New Zealand motorways are laughable. 2 lanes, american signing, 100kms / hour (60 miles and hour) and rubbish tarmac! But they're cute!

Keep in mind that 70% of New Zealand's roads are gravel and that most people fly to get anywhere.

The motorway finished after about 15 miles and then it was single carriageway for the next 80 or so miles (New Zealand uses kms!). The journey was superb as we drove up to the bay of islands. This is an area that is very beautiful and is a must see for anybody travelling to New Zealand. The more north we travelled the quieter the roads got! Eventually we were the only vehicle around for miles!

We had been trying to contact a friend of Denzils who Gareth knew. We knew that he'd been practicing medicine for the last year in New Zealand so thought it would be good to meet up! He text us in the afternoon to say that he was on holiday in the Bay Of Islands! We couldn't believe it, so that evening after we'd found our camp site (at the lovely town of Paihia, had tea (chicken!), and a shower, we headed over to Mike's hostel where we drank New Zealand wine and talked of the differences of England and New Zealand!

Up here in the north the weather is a lot better, the sun is out, it's not so windy and the pace of life is a lot slower. It's just like Cornwall!

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