Greg's 2007 Odyssey travel blog

Leaving Cranbrook on Hwy 95

Hwy 95 around Invergarden, BC

View of Hobbs Lake from Sinclair pass (just inside the west gate...

Viewpoint overlook

Valley view and Kootnay River as we head north

Looking for a spot with a view to have lunch

One big rock ahead (Mount Shanks)

Our lunch spot view (Socks inspecting Mother Nature)

Erosion at work

Water flow over a rock. Water color is a light gray/tan

Coach with Ann in the doorway at our lunch break spot

Heading into Banff

Our camp site at Tunnel Mountain RV Park

View from our camp site (Mount Rundle at 9675' asl)

We got up early, packed up the coach and headed for Banff National Park in Alberta.

The highway was pretty good most of the way north, except for frost heaves that were well marked but pretty rough. The views were beautiful and ever changing.

We arrived at the western gate of Banff National Park, paid our $53 entry fee and immediately started the 7% grade up to a valley between mountain ridges.

Around noon, we decided to take a break. I looked for a rest area. Unfortunately, there was a bunch of traffic lined up behind me, so I missed a few rest area turnouts. I finally found one and took it. It turned out to be a campground in the forest. It was pretty scary driving slowly along the narrow, winding, dirt "road" to find a way out. Finally, I saw a loop to turn around and took it slowly back to the highway. A number of miles down the highway, we found a pullout and stopped there for a potty & lunch break.

We drove in the valley, took many photos (included) and then turned onto the Trans Canadian Highway 1 toward the city of Banff and our campground at Thunder Mountain. We arrived around 3 PM and set up the coach. We plan to be here through Tuesday night, leaving Wednesday for Calgary.

I took a brief nap to get the kinks out of my shoulders and then we went in to Banff for dinner. We found a place called Magpie & Stump. We shared a baby back rib dinner, Cajun flavored. It was different. On the way back to the parking garage, Ann stopped to get a few novels at the local book store.

We are surrounded by massive mountains and it is pretty cool. We are using the heater and wearing coats when out. We are conveniently located across the road from the bathroom and shower.

Tomorrow, we plan to explore the sights here.

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