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our ride out to the Fitzroy Island and the Great Barrier Reef

on Thunderbolt

Fitzroy Island

rainforest on Fitzroy Island

snorkeling at the Great Barrier Reef

Melissa in her stinger suit

great barrier reef

giant clam

Temperature changes, pollution, and overuse has led to the destruction of the...

white water rafting


floating down the river

getting pumped for the next rapids!


team photo

Mossman Gorge

Coconut Beach


safe sport at Coconut Beach

Cape Tribulation

Daintree rainforest

bike ride through the Atherton Tablelands

forest part of Atherton Tablelands

poisonous spider the size of your hand

curtain fig tree

Dairyland part of Atherton Tablelands

waterfalls along the bike trail


beautiful flowers

train ride to Kuranda Village

waterfall along the way


At Birdworld - a Cassowary bird

black-winged stilt

sacred kingfisher



at the butterfly sanctuary

Skyrail ride over the rainforest canopy


the view

Australia Rocks!! We have just finished a week in Cairns and it has been a blast!!! We started by taking a speedboat, originally designed for military use, and splashed, rocked and bumped our way to the Great Barrier Reef stopping along the way at Fitzroy Island. You actually have to wear a seatbelt in this boat to protect you from becoming a flying projectile. Once at the reef we put on our black stinger suits which are like wearing a loose fitting nylon stocking over your body. They have jellyfish which can sting you and it is either extremely painful or deadly depending on the stinger. You actually can't see them in the water because they are pale blue and transparent. Swimming in this country appears to be quite dangerous, you're either watching out for crocodiles in freshwater or jellyfish in the ocean.

The reef and fish were beautiful. I must say I did suck in a lot of sea water in my snorkeling gear since the reef sits out in the ocean about a half hour out from shore. The next day was even more fun when we went white water rafting on the Tully River. There were about 13 boats and since it is the wet season, the water was really moving. Melissa did great for never having done rafting previously since we were on a class 4 river. She got the priviledge of sitting in the rear of the raft which is known as the "ejection seat". Luckily our guide was able to catch her whenever she went flying into the air. Not that she was the only one that was thrown out of the boat. I had my fair share of time in the water.

We decided to take it easy the next day and ride the bus up to Daintree and Cape Tribulation. This area of Australia has the oldest rainforest in the world. Actually they say the rainforest in South America originated from this rainforest. It was absolutely lovely as Pauline would say.

We felt rested enough after our day lounging on the bus, so we headed off to the Atherton Tablelands to ride mountain bikes and hunt for waterfalls. We luckily managed to stay dry the entire day and avoid the rain.

Our last day we again took it easy and caught the scenic train to Kuranda Village up in the mountains. We spent time in Birdworld and the Butterfly Sanctuary. Then we got the thrill of taking the Skyrail from the top of the mountain and riding it over the rainforest 4.7 miles. All of the towers were lifted into place by helicopter.

We are off to Brisbane tomorrow. We will miss our little apartment here in Cairns where we had a little sense of home not having to pack and unpack our luggage everyday. Oh well, we really can't complain this trip is great!!

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