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After finishing the Otter Trail, Gabi and I headed to Jeffreys Bay, one of the premier surf spots in the world and checked into the Ubuntu Lodge. Ubuntu is Bantu word loosely menaing "a sense of commuinty" and this hostel embodied it to a "T." Jamie and Elizna, the young couple that ran it, were both South African, and had travelled extensively themselves. Just 5 months ago, they opened Ubuntu, and things have been going great. There were quite a few surfers staying there, as well as a family from Perth Australia. Neil, Melanine, Simeon and Dominique Rae were on a 6 meek holiday in South Africa and Zambia. They were just great people as was everyone really.

The first morning, all the surfers were heading down to "suber tubes" - one of the big surf breaks at 5:00 am. I didn't make it that early, but by about six, I was watching these guys

and others ride these huge (by my standards) waves in the early morning sunshine

. Every now and then dolphins would pass through and ride the wave along with them. It was easy to see why some call surfing a "spiritual" experience.

That afternoon, I was hoping to take a surf lesson myself, but there were none offered, so Gabi and I headed to the Seaview Lion Sanctuary towards Port Elizabeth. It was a nice little place with some beautiful lions - some of them white lions

- some tigers folks had taken as pets and some other game. Some of the cats are former pets, and others are bred on site. They can't be released into the wild, but they are sold to game parks and other "non-zoo" environments around the world. There was actually two litters of cubs just over 5 weeks old

. 3 were "normal" lions and 2 were actually the offspring of some of the white lions - not albinos, but just very light in color.

That night everbody pitched in for a communal "braai" or BBQ. We had Boerwors (SA sausage) steak, chicken ke-babs, you name it - great food and great company


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