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So we got up earlier then usual, by this I mean something like 8 AM and headed out to Coles Bay and Freycinet National Park The drive itself was pretty nice besides the transmission going in and out as we drove down the road. When we arrived at the visitors center we were finally able to get a call out to the rental company and they said they would send someone with another car in a few hours and that we were to stay by the car until then. The joy, we only had the car for two days and we were going to spend half of that waiting for the new (not new and not much better actually) car. But at least the speakers worked on this one.

But besides the crap car it was absolutely worth the drive. The town of Coles Bay reminded me a bit of Monterey, in it's over all laid back vibe. And it was nice to just check out the rocks and tidal pools while we waited for the tow truck. By 1 o'clock the truck finally got there and we were the proud recipients of the second worse car in the parking lot, the worst one being our old one that was being towed out of the parking lot. So we were free and hiked a hour and a half over a ridge to see what is supposed to be one of the 10 most beautiful beaches in the world, Wine Glass Bay. I don't doubt that it could be because it was well worth the hike.

There were hardly any people on the beach (maybe 10 or so) and with the occasional wallaby bouncing around it had to be one of the most perfect beaches I've ever seen. There was absolutely no trash. Isn't it amazing how one gets so used to seeing trash on the beach's? And then become so amazed when there isn't any? You can even camp on the far side of the cove, how perfect would that be. One problem, the water which is crystal clear and a beautiful green blue is friggin freezing!

* note * The wallaby's were the first "kangaroo's" that I have seen since I have been in Australia, besides the road kill and the one that I had for dinner the night before. Yum!

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