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Our Neighbor is a gold prospector

The big tent part of the largest RV show on earth (crowd...

lots of traffic though

We finally found out what this little things is: temperature sensor for...

Our normal mode of "camping" is to reside in RV "parks" with full hook-ups. That means electric power, city water, and sewer. We can stay indefinitely and all we have to do is about every 3 or 4 days empty our gray water tank (think shower) and black water (toilet) tank. Now were are on the wild side, camping on government land with no hookups. Before leaving our last park we emptied and cleaned all tanks and fill the fresh water tank (40 gallons). We are on our own relying on our generator for electric power -- mainly to make coffee, use the microwave oven, and charge our computers and cell phones. There is no TV reception so we will miss the "greatest show on earth"(I mean the Trump Inauguration). The desert really has an austere beauty to it. We will be here for 5 days attending the biggest RV show on earth starting on Jan 21st. Estimated number of visitors: half a million! This sleepy little town is crammed with old geezers... present company excluded.

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