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Train Motel...Elbe, WA. You can rent a caboose for the night.

Also has a restaurant car, bar car and a pizza car.

Entering Mt. Rainer National Park

Deer crossing on a crosswalk at Longmire Park Inn.

Nisqually River bed with snow covered mountains.

Venturing across the river with Mt. Rainier in the background.

Nisqually River walking bridge.

Tourist on the bridge.

Along the 1.1 mile to waterfalls.

After hiking over 2 miles, this was what we got.

Another view.

Falls next to a scenic turnout, no hiking.

Not a Redwood, but they are big.

Nisqually glacier and river from above.

Sneaking up on Rainer.

Mt St Helens in the distance.

Another roadside waterfall.

Looking down off the bridge.

Amphitheater at Paradise Vistors Center.

Have a seat.

View from our indoor lunch table.

Historic picture of Paradise.

Another little piece of history.

People playing in the snow.

Just another shot of the Mountain on the way down.

Forget the model wife & dog, sit in the middle of the...

Going down.

Yet another.

Had to get one of our Vue with the mountain., can you...

Just pretty, pretty mountains.

We headed to the southwest entrance of Mt. Rainier National Park. We stopped at a couple small towns on the way. The town of Elbe is interesting. What we would call 'Franchise Row' in the big cities was made up of train cars. You can rent a caboose or train car for the night. It's called The Hobo Inn. This is also where you can catch a steam-powered train through the forest and foothills south of Mt. Rainier.

We drove to the park headquarters of Longmire. This is the site of Longmires's Medical Springs that was developed by John Longmire and his family. It has the original headquarter building which is now a museum and The National Inn, a hotel that is open year around.

Next stop was in Paradise, an unincorporated community consisting of alpine meadows, the Paradise Glacier with majestic views of Mt. Rainer and the Tatoosh Range. It is one of the most popular destinations for visitors to the park. The park service says that it is the snowiest place on earth, where snowfall has been measured at over 1100 inches. There are lots of winter activities such as snowshoeing, cross-country skiing and sliding.

We stopped at vistas to take in the scenery and short hikes to waterfalls. The drive on the forest roads was beautiful at one point we could even see Mt. St. Helens. We picked a clear day.

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