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And tonight Matthew, I'm going to be Emma not quite knowing what's...

Cooking our grub for the night in a traditional fashion - i.e....

Our 'host' for the evening who I think doubled as a bus...

FEEEEED MEEEEEEEEEE, also the nice couple we met from Clapham!

Dinner is served!

Simon (on the left) was elected to be our 'Chief of 24...

My hair seems to be getting more and more ginger....I didn't know...

Bubbling mud under the spring water

The warriors coming down the river on there canoe!

Me in between some carvings

Ozz thinks this one has the same top lip as me....

aaaaaaaaand I think this one.......well enough said really!!!

Show time

Some Maori women having a bit of a gossip on a log

The elected chiefs aproaching the chief of the Maori tribe!

Everybody say "Bluuuuur!" (for those of you who remember Timmy Mallet!)

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh........knees up mother brown...knees up mother brown, bet you didn't know that...

Hands up, Baby hands up, gimme your heart gimme gimme, your heart...

We don't know what's worse, the scarey big men with sticks or...

These things that the women dance were originally weights on string that...

The Maori Macarena

And they meant it!

Does this remind anyone else of Liam?!

The Maori Chief. He/they were actually all still part of the tribe...

Buffet time!

Me being a little tea leaf.... stealing some kind of leaf that...

Rainbow Trout

Everything you will ever need to know about Rainbow Pool!

It's tiring stuff all this show and dinner evening malarky!

Today we spent the morning updating the web and just generally mooching about!

Fast forward to the evening......we had booked to go to a Maori evening and Kiwi walk. Which basically included getting picked up then watching a traditional show, a hangi meal then a night walk around Rainbow Springs Nature Park to see glow worms and Kiwi's!

When we arrived at the centre there was a marquee set up with tables and a man playing a sax (it was a bit like a wedding!) then we got a drink from the bar and got seated at our tables the host man came on and told a few jokes and got to know where everyone had come from, and after about 20 minutes we discovered there was 24 nations in the room, and even more impressivly he could say hello and have a short conversation in all 24 languages!

[Ozz] At this point the 'authentic Mauri experience' wasn't looking too promising!!!!

Luckily it got a whole lot better though!

After this we went for a walk to the stream in the forest to see the Maori warriors come in on their canoe.

Then from here we went to a reconstructed village for some Maori performances and weapon demonstrations from the tribe, and also an insight into the Maori way of life and body tattoo etc.

It was all amazing and sooo interesting, but I tell you what it totally made us appreciate what we had seen the day before at the Haka Festival. I mean it was complicated enough doing what this tribe did and there was only about 15 of them - at the Haka festival there were about 50 of them on stage and they were flawless. Absolutely incredible.

Anyway after this we went back to the tent for din dins.

It had all been cooking for 4 hours in the traditional Hangi (which is a hole with hot rocks and water which steams the food). There was chicken, Lam, potatos, sweet potatoes, rice, salad, stuffing!! bread the lot!! And the food was beautiful! We even got chocolate log and triffle for pudding! (not sure how authentic they were though!!)

So after a very full tummy we went for our night walk to find the Kiwi's! The walk was cool and quite magical with the way the forest had been lit, and the guide was funny too! In the Kiwi enclosure it was dark and you weren't allowed to use the flash on the camera so we ain't got no photo's but we saw some and they were really funny little things! They're only small but all you could hear was their massive feet just thumping around the enclosure!!!

The whole evening was great - the show, the food, everything!

We were waiting for ages on the bus for our ride home as the bus driver was no where to be seen.....basically he turned up 20 minutes later and said with a straight face, Lady got her finger stuck in a chair.....couldn't get it out (to be said in a thick NZ accent) then drove us off....Ozz and I found this HILARIOUS and cried with laughter all the way home.

The End


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