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Adorable and what a sweet voice!

The program has started as Joseph and Mary come into view...

The angel was very pretty too!

We had front row seating for this wonderful program...

The wisemen have arrived, baby Jesus was 5 weeks old and vocal!

The children enjoyed the petting zoo prior to the show...

Well, the cookies are all baked at least for now! I made two of Larry's favorites, snickerdoodles and hermits, and a big batch of Kringla for Dad. Kringla are a popular cookie from Norway and I have such fond memories of them from my childhood. Every Christmas my grandmother made them and boy, did we look forward to them. Grandma has been gone for many years now but it never fails to bring back memories of her when I attempt to recreate her wonderful recipe. To tell you the truth, I'm not sure I have the exact recipe that she really used though! She guarded her recipes, almost like they were a state secret, and always said " you just add a 'pinch of this' & a 'pinch of that' with no real measurements!

Years later I got the recipe from my Aunt Toots and it was considerably different than the one grandmother gave me! And then Aunt De gave me hers and it was different still! LOL Well, I changed a few things myself this morning so guess Dad will be the final judge on this batch! Anyone have a Kringla recipe out there that the want to throw into the mix? LOL

Wednesday afternoon we met our friend Warren for lunch and had an enjoyable visit for a couple of hours. I worked with Warren many years ago and he continues to work with many of my 'old friends; so it was nice to catch up. Then on Thursday, Bonnie and Larry met us at Tony Roma's where we enjoyed sharing a couple of racks of baby back ribs and an onion loaf. Boy I enjoy their onion loaf, yummy! Afterward Larry and I went to a local church we've attended a few times to view a Living Nativity presentation.

The most adorable little blond girl (about 6 years I would guess) opened the program with a solo of Silent Night. I don't believe I've ever heard a more pure, beautiful rendition by such a young lady in my life! So was cold and we were glad they were serving hot chocolate and homemade cookies, they hit the spot!

And finally, today Bonnie and I colored each others hair. I am considerably darker now and not sure if I love it or not! Might have to add a few highlights in a couple of weeks, we'll see after I wash it a few times.

Tomorrow after church we will be loading a small trailer as we prepare to head to Ely Monday morning. We are delivering a grandfather's clock and moving our quad. And then we'll be heading to son Larry's to celebrate Tawnia's birthday. It was actually Friday but the family couldn't all be together until Sunday. Son Larry is preparing the meal, can't wait to see what he prepares, LOL! He's never cooked a meal that I'm aware of, so this should be interesting. So, Happy Birthday Tawnia! We love you tons.....

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