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Shirley and Diane

But it did. Most of the day was rainy, so rainy day activities were the call. We went to the largest United Methodist Church of our trip. It was huge. I didn't count but their were at least 50 choir members. Video boards all around and a great sound system. The pastors were excellent and the message for All Saints Sunday was great. Went to breakfast at Micky D's. You know, even if you do not like McDonald's it amazes us that where ever you are in the country the food tastes the same. That is remarkable. Anyway, we met up with an old friend (not that she is old) another Geneseo grad. Shirley and Diane were roommates during a summer session and have stayed friends since. We saw Diane once in Orlando years ago when her kids were little and she came to our home in Marietta. But it was a long time ago. Diane looks great! The two girls went to a Mexican restaurant for lunch and catching up while I stayed at the camper and watched football while it rained. A win win for all I'd say. After the game I was going to take a swim but evidently they did not think anyone would swim or use the jacuzzi in the rain, both closed. Oh well. Today we go and see the sights of San Diego as the rain has passed. Maybe even stay another day for more sight seeing. We have 3 whole weeks to get to Tuscon where we volunteer in our NOMADS project so we have some time to enjoy. And it appears we have seen everyone we are going to see for the first time on this trip. We have actually seen 151 people. We have also traveled 23,500 miles and 32 states as today is our 8 month trip anniversary. We are having a great time still. Enjoy the pic.

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