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Digging a hole in the 'Hot Beach'. Not as easy as it... we borrowed someone else's!!!

Don't believe this for a second!!!. The only work she did was...

Ok sorry, she did do something!!!

I was too hot so I went for a swim...........just for the...

The sea breaking on some rocks!

Em was feeling a bit 'Drived out' so I made her some...

I had some work done on the way.

We left Thames to head South towards Tauranga, but not before a short detour via Hot Water Beach.

This beach, as the name suggests, is Hot! More accurately it has thermal springs below the surface of the beach and so you are able to dig yourself a hole in the sand to make your own hot pool!

In theory anyway!!

We had a go and got cold water!!!

Sooooooooooooooo we jumped into someone else's pre-dug hole!!!

In some places the water was BOILING hot so you kinda had to be careful where you went.

It was all good except for the fact I got hot digging the hole in the first place so I decided to jump into the sea instead.

This place had the best surf we have seen in 7 months as well. Just a shame then that this was only a short stop at the start of our days driving!!! Doh!!!

Ok so after this we got back on track and headed on down to Tauranga.

On the way however we read in one of the NZ booklets that Billy Connolly was playing that night in a place about an hour past Tauranga called Rotorua.

We were planning on going here after Tauranga anyway so we thought that we'd nip down to here instead tonight to see if we could get tickets.

Either way it'd only be an hour drive in the morning back to Tauranga for the Haka Festival so no probs.

Ok long story short - We didn't get tickets. We had a little hunt for touts and stuff but no joy Roy! :(

So we basically cooked ourselves some supper and both went to bed in a sulk!


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