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One of this evenings skits, Bailey is on the left...

Playing the drum in the Christmas parade...

Some of the other children in the program, off to our left...

Niece Cindy watches 'er children' with pride! Nice job honey!

The little one's are especially cute!

Thanks Jack & Barb, we will certainly enjoy!

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Short clip, cute...

It's been a busy past few days filled with the normal 'stuff' like laundry, cooking, cleaning etc. We did attend a Christmas program put on by the children at the local church we visit each year while we're in town. Niece Cindy's son Bailey was a part of the program and Cindy spent the past couple of months working with the children in preparation for the event. It began with a Christmas parade, followed by a couple of skits, and of course lots of music for good measure. The kids did a great job! And, it was nice to see family and old friends again, and of course share in all the baked goodies afterward!

And speaking of goodies, an hour or so before leaving for the program the UPS truck delivered a 'care' package from Jack and Barb, our RV'ing friends from Ohio. Many of you know that Jack is a great cook, baker and canner. Today's package included homemade sauerkraut, apple butter and assorted jams and sauces. I took a quick pic as I unpacked so you could see our stash. Thanks guys, we appreciate it so much! Barb let me know that Jack is responsible for all of the 'canning' she just adds the labels and boxes it for shipping. We'll enjoy in the months to come for sure!

It's been lovely here the past couple of days, in the 60's today and the 70's yesterday. Sunny and no wind. But, a couple of nights ago we were in the worst windstorm I think we've seen since we began full timing in 2006! Oh my, I was actually scared to death! Not my honey, he was in bed snoring away. I was on the computer nervously watching our little Christmas tree jump and bounce all over the place. And all of the other things that were movable were dancing about as well! I put the satellite down when I finally became convinced that we would certainly lose it if I didn't. Larry laughed at me when I asked him if the front of the rig could blow off the blocks we're up on! Or tip us I am not a nervous Nellie by any means, but this storm had me worried. I finally prayed for all to be well, took two sleeping pills and tried to get some sleep. It finally died down around 5am and I drifted off for a couple of hours. Certainly cleaned all the smog out of the valley the next day! The city looked beautiful as we headed into town on a couple of errands. There's a light dusting of snow on the surrounding hills/mountains.

So that's it for now. I'm gathering my ingredients together to begin baking later this week. Larry has his Christmas 'goodie' favorites and has come to expect them every year! Gee, imagine that...Larry likes cookies...and fudge and cinnamon buns and pie and the list goes on. He tries to behave for a few weeks prior to the holidays so he can indulge in all the goodies without having to exercise too much later!! But those snicker doodles get him every time, LOL! Goodnight...

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