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Raaaaain raaaaain, go away!


Heading back in to Auckland over the bridge.

Em's first car wash!

It's miserable at this Thames too!!


A bridge too far. Sorry we don't have many interesting photo's of...

The big man upstairs dashed my heroic and valiant attempt at constructing...

We awoke this morning to a call from the Scuba place telling us that there were gale force winds and rain so they were unable to go out and scuba today.

We had kinda figured that out already seeing as we were camped 100 yards away from the harbour where they are based!!!!

So rather annoyed (as Poor Knights Island where we were to scuba is on Jacque Cousto's top 10 dive sites in the world!) and soaked through regardless as it was still peeing down, we set off from Tutukaka down past Auckland over to towards the North East coast of the North Island.

Basically our plan is to "get some mileage under our belts!" and get down towards Tauranga by tomorrow night as there is the National Kapa Haka Festival being held there the following day.

It was going to be a bit of a squeeze getting down there for it if I scuba-ered today, so in that respect it was a bit handy that we could drive today instead.

It was still annoying though!!!


So today we pretty much just drove for 8 hours or so in really crappy weather.

We decided to stop off in a place called Thames for the night - so called aparently because the river that runs through it looks like the Thames.

And it did. It was brown and looked really nasty!!!

In fact the town was a bit of a wierd place too!

We found a camp site, eventually got parked and set up in the wind and rain, and then pretty much just crashed out while watching a dvd and eating pasta.


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