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Inside the Kiwi Bar


I took the flight to Cebu today and the flight went well with me getting the emergency exit seat again. It was not a full flight so when they offered it to me I gleefully accepted. Quite frankly after sleeping in this morning and almost running late, I was just glad to have made it.

Once there at Cebu airport, I accidentally left my ticket on the plane. Not a problem in most places but here you need to have it so that they can identify that the luggage you took from the conveyer belt as yours. You see you can't leave the terminal till they check your bags against the ticket baggage tags. A good idea really. The fact that I have locks on my bags and the keys to open them, helped me out.

I had managed to book into the Kiwi Lodge for two nights. It comes recommended by LP and deservedly so. I dropped my stuff off in the room, well one of the guys did it for me...but I followed, and then headed back downstairs to the bar. I had heard that they have Aussie pies and wanted one bad. Oh my God it was good. It even came served with mash potato's with gravy and salad. Absolutely worth it. Good old number two has done me well again. You see my room number is 207.

The room comes with air con, it's own bathroom, double bed, somewhat of a view, free Wi-Fi, room service and cable TV with never ending English speaking channels. I love it. Down at the bar though it's a little funny. The place seems to be an attraction for older guys that are here to spend some time with the Philippino women. Kind of sad yet funny.

One guy was the classic Aussie Yobo. What a loser! He was drinking beam and coke at 2pm complaining when he had no one around him and then bitching to the waitresses saying that they were being boring. They are not there to entertain you idiot! Blokes like him are only ever Australian unfortunately and it is comforting to me that the leave our shores to annoy other's but I cringe with shame when I come across one. Sorry for that world.

He thinks of himself as being rather important and picked on an older guy saying the he must only come here for the sex because in Australia he wouldn't get any. Yet he reckons the Philippino's are up for it for all the white guys. Mate could you be more disrespectful? He's loud and obnoxious and if he ended up stranded on a deserted island with a large weight around his leg so he couldn't leave, the world be a much better place.

The staff here are fantastic and every decoration is to do with Australia, rugby and of course, New Zealand. I love it. I would like to stay here but I am not sure that I would like to inflict the Yobo on Sofie. It's an ugly side of Australia's that I don't really want her to witness that close up. Most everyone else is nice but this guy hangs around like a bad smell.

I finally got through to Mum but was so excited to talk to her forgot about the credit ticking away. So of course in mid sentence, we were cut off. Crap. She did have time to let me know that she has sent a couple of emails so will get to them tomorrow and reply. Good to talk to her finally though. It's been a while.

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