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We started our travel investigations in earnest a week ago altho Bon has been researching visas etc over the summer on & off. We have both spent $$ on tech stuff which will hopefully save weight & travel internet time, an Acer tablet being one such item!


Bon is still researching airlines for the various legs of the journey. We have had to forgo our tour/visit to Turkmenistan due to an increase in cost, now almost $200/day! This is twice what it was when we visited there last time.

We mailed our passports to the India authorities in S.F. with our visa application and unfortunately, because we did not lie about our travels they have held it up due to our visit to Pakistan! Bon called them and explained the whole deal and the person she talked with seemed to indicate all was okay once we faxed a letter of explanation with both of our signatures. Now she called back to see how all was progressing and as per typical 'Indian' style, instead of putting our applications back in the order it was sent in they relegated us to the end of the line as if they had just received it!! Now it will be 3-4 days more to process! We are planning on departing from Missoula on the 4th but cannot w/o our passports so hopefully no more glitches!

This week is our 'move out of apt back to storage' week since our rental agreement ends the 31st. Luckily, friends Ernie and Gayl are willing to put up with us New Year's eve and daughter has room for the remainder of our stay 'til we drive away, hopefully, the 4th!

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