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Miss Jasmine was waiting for us...

It's time for dinner, looks yummy and it was!

Ahhh, carting her toys over to papa to share...

Such a sweet girl!

Daddy helper to stack these, so she could knock them down...

Before stealing his hat!

One last shot, too cute!

Tonight we were invited to dinner at Larry & Tawnia's. Larry has been working late every night since we arrived in town. In fact, he has been working 7 days a week, 10-12 hours daily for almost a month. With the job situation many are currently faced with, he feels quite blessed for this opportunity. But, he looks tired. The long hours won't last much longer, so he says he'll catch up on his sleep later. The biggest drawback is missing the family. Tawnia and Jasmine are both asleep when he leaves in the morning, and Jasmine's bedtime is an hour or two after he gets home in the evening. So he's missing 'his girls'.

We had planned to visit, eat, and then play a game or two of Hand & Foot. But, he was informed when leaving work today that he needed to be at work at 4am tomorrow morning. Yikes! So we visited for a bit, enjoyed our Frito pie, and then visited a bit more while enjoying our dessert. Jasmine kept us entertained for most of that time! Wow, is she a bundle of energy! I asked Tawnia if she was this 'busy' all day, every day? Answer, YES! Now we know why the general 'rule' is to have your children while you are young. They require constant attention and loads of energy! But, what a joy it is to spend quality time them. Miss Jasmine was in a very good mood this evening and we had a ball playing with both her and her toys. She was very generous with them. In other words, she 'plays nice'.

Larry and I are so blessed to have two wonderful 'young' granddaughters in our lives. It's a shame these two girls don't live closer to one another. They would have a ball together. Fortunately for us, we have a home on wheels which allows us to travel between the different states. I'm sure we see them way more than we would have, were we still in the 'sticks and bricks' house. It's amazing how times flies. Our children grow so quickly. All I can say is 'take the time to smell the roses'. Enjoy your time with family and friends. We realize more and more how important our time together is.

Perhaps we are more aware of this because of recent events in both our family and friends lives. Our friend, Jim Cooper, (not son Jim) was recently diagnosed with lung cancer. He had his first chemotherapy treatment yesterday and is suffering from the usual side effects, but doing as well as can be expected. Prayers for Jim would be greatly appreciated. Jim and Pat will be traveling to Vegas later this month and we look forward to visiting with them. We pray that he continues to do well as he moves forward in his treatments. So, back to my 'smell the roses' statement. Why not tell the special people in your life how much they mean to you this week? It'll feel good, I promise! Goodnight...

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