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Today I leave Manila to go to Puerto Princesa on Palawan. I got a taxi who was very good and used the meter. The taxi I was supposed to take was parked out the front with the driver sleeping. He was in good company I guess as there was others on the street side sleeping.

I was dropped off and joined the queue to enter the airport. Yep, you have to line up. After you show them your ticket and passport, you may enter to go through the baggage scan. You also need to pay a 200 Peso exit fee. Now every other country I have gone to, you only need to pay when you are entering or exiting a country, not travelling with in it. One way to make a few extra dollars I guess.

I also had to pay 560 Peso's for excess luggage. About fifteen kilo's over. Bugger, will have to get that postage done. At least they are nice about it but really, why wouldn't they be? They hold onto your passport till you have paid and show them the receipt.

I was given the emergency exit seat so I had ample leg room which was a nice change. The flight was good and around one hour. The view wasn't bad but all I keep thinking about was the view that Carne had told me about. The orange sun and it's reflection on the water turning it orange. Would have been nice to see.

There are no taxi's on Palawan so it's private van rental at 250 Peso's or a tricycle at 40 Peso's. Not hard to figure out who won. Not happy though as I wasn't sure my luggage was overly safe back there. It's only about one kilometre down the road so I didn't have to worry too long.

The Casa Linda was my place of choice. It looked nice and had a room so that was enough. I got dropped off and booked in. As I had to get up this morning at 5am to get the flight (for some reason, you have to be booked in two hours before a flight even though it's only local) ,I decided to get some sleep.

When I got up I headed towards a small shopping centre and bought some water and fly spray. There are some bugs flying around including mosquito's so they must die. I should have read the instructions first though as it is a little more potent than what I am used to. I sprayed the heck out of the room then almost immediately started to feel it's effects. I started coughing, chocking and dry reaching.

I escaped outside and left the doors wide open. It took a fair while to recover but no permanent damage done. It is basically like a bug bomb. Spray then leave the room then air out for thirty minutes before re-entering. That's some powerful stuff.

Unfortunately today I also felt somewhat lonely. I am beginning to question the merits of such long solo trips and am keener than ever to get my business started. I am really looking forward to catching up with Sofie so hope that goes well.

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