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That's pretty much all we saw for hours on the way up...

It was well worth the drive there though!!

Em doing a bit of Mountaineering!

View from the hill at Cape Reinga


Em deep in thought...................about what to have for dinner tonight!

Me, Em, and Cliff!!! Ahhhh hah hah hah!!

The un-maned light house!

Oh my god I can't believe it - I've never been this...


You get the gist! We had a look for Bluff after this...

Don't you just wanna dive in!?!?! I wasn't allowed to cos Em...


Told you!

We taught some seagulls to catch custard creams while we had a...

We think the sacred hill at Spirit Bay. It's probably not though!!!

Yes we are.

Me freezing my tatties off in the sea.

Ahhhhhhhhhh. It's a classic!!

A boulder that looks like a monkey's head.

We made ourselves a nice healthy chicken cuzza tonight. Mmmmmmmm mmmmmm

The main reason to stay in Paihia is to get a boat out and see all of the beautiful islands (around the Bay of Islands). However as it was about $100 each and seeing as we had already been out around the WhitSunday's in Australia we figured we'd give it a miss and save some cash!!!

So from here we continued our drive up the North Island, right up to the top in fact to a place called Cape Reinga.

It was meant to have a really cool "edge of the world" kind of view and is where the Tasman Sea and Pacific Oceans collide!

They didn't tell us that road up to it was gravel for 30k though!!!

When we finally arrived (well and truely shaken up!) we were very pleased to see that the views were as described - AMAZING!

The sea was a really beautiful mixture of 'blues' which went all the way up to the endless horizon. Not sure if the photos even do it justice!

Something else you can do while up here is Sandboard the giant sand dunes.

Rather cleverly though I had forgot to get some cash out before we drove 4 hours into the middle of no where so we had to give this a miss unfortunately. I'm sure we'll be able to do it somewhere else in NZ!!!

Anyway from here we drove down another fun gravel road over to Spirits Bay.

This is quite a sacred place aparently as the souls of dead Maoris are meant to float over the cliff here. Or something like that anyway!!!!

(Sorry for any factual discrepencies there may be here - we're confused!!!)

It was another pretty bay, and after a quick stroll and 'borrowing' some shells from the beach, we headed on back down South to Camp at a surf village called Ahipara for the night.

Surf's up (in the morning) pal!!!! (It's from Lethal Weapon!!!)


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