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I forgot to take a pic today, so here's one from last...

Herb, Darlene, Lee Ann and Larry, 12-08...

Late yesterday our friends Herb and Darlene Pollard from Boise, Idaho, arrived in town. They are staying at Sam's Town, at the RV park, for a couple of nights before heading on to Parker, Arizona. They'll be in the Havasu/Parker area for a couple of months and are also planning to attend the gathering in Quartzite this year. We were glad that they saved a day for visiting with us along the way. We met for lunch and spent an enjoyable couple of hours before returning to the house to continue catching up on the past year. We met the Pollard's just outside of Boston in the fall of 2007. They tried to steal our limousine!

To explain....the RV park owned and operated a free limousine-shuttle to and from the Amtrak train station from the park. You had to book it in advance so the driver would know when to pick you up. We scheduled an 8am pickup for the next morning when we checked in. Apparently they inquired about the service but didn't actually book anything. Anyway, if you've known Larry and I for any amount of time you know we sometimes tend to run a few minutes late. A bad habit we are diligently working to change by the way. On this particular morning we were actually 5 minutes early and arrived just in time to see our limo pulling away with 'those Pollard's' in it! We ran after it waving our hands wildly and shouting 'wait, wait' at the top of our lungs. Fortunately, the driver heard us and stopped. We laugh about it now, but it wasn't so funny at the time! We would have not been happy if we had missed our train into Boston. We chatted in the limo, deciding to play tourist together for the day. Arriving back home that evening Herb and Darlene stayed in our 5'er to watch Boise play football. And that began a neat, new friendship. Many of you understand what I'm talking about. One of the many perks of this lifestyle!

Unfortunately, Larry and I had already purchased tickets to see the Glenn Beck production of 'The Christmas Sweater', so we had to cut our day short. So around 6pm we gave hugs, discussed seeing each other on down the road, and said our goodbye's. It worked out okay after all as they planned to take in a movie about the time we needed to arrive for our show. I don't know if any of you had an opportunity to see 'The Christmas Sweater' but it was terrific. We didn't know what to expect and were pleasantly surprised. I didn't realize this production was based on a book written a couple of years ago, but now that I know, we'll be getting a copy to read.

The weather has been considerably warmer than it was in Ely when we left. Feels good! I spoke to Mom today and they are missing us but she understands why we don't stay in the cold weather in the 5'er. Eight degree nights are not fun! We are going back for 3 days right before Christmas so we're hoping the snow holds off. We won't have the rig with us so it isn't critical, but it will sure make for a nicer drive if we don't have to deal with new snow.

In the meantime, we're going to the kids for dinner Saturday and are looking forward to that. And we're enjoying our time with Bonnie and Larry. They had king crab on sale today, so we split the cost and cooked up 5 pounds of it! Yummy...Then we played our first game of Hand and Foot. I hate to admit it, but the guys won...bummer. We'll see how it stands after 10 games, LOL! Thanks for checking in, goodnight...

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